Nationality:  British

Member of team since: 2017

Discipline(s): Road and TT

Coach: Tom Kirk

Bike(s):  Race/Summer – Cervelo R5 (Marcel); TT – Cervelo P3 (Jack); Winter – Boardman Pro (Peter)

Career Highlights: It’s just beginning however, I would have to say doing 54:39 for a 25 at Rhigos. It was 2-days after a pretty grim crash so wasn’t expecting to go sub-55, hopefully be a few more to add onto the list having joined the team!

Molly Patch

What is the first memory you have of riding a bike?

My nan lives opposite a canal in Kent so I would regularly spend a fair amount of time riding up and down it with my toys strapped into the little chair on the back!

How did you get involved in cycling?

I started out as a triathlete and cycling was the weakest discipline of the three. I raced in Melbourne during 2014/15 and when I came home I got involved in our local cycling club (CC London). I was a bit nervous about doing my first bike race but soon got hooked! My mum also works in a bike shop and my dad looks like Chris Froome so it was pretty inevitable!

What was your first race and how did it go?

My first race was at Hog Hill and it wasn’t great if I’m honest! Spat out the back due to lack of bunch experience and ended up riding by myself for the rest of the race.

Why do you race?

I’m outrageously competitive and have always competed in sport. Racing gives me targets and goals so that I have a focus when I train. It’s great when I can see the hard work pay off and I see an improvement in my performances and results.

Where is your favourite place to ride?

Bit of a difficult one! Would have to say Cornwall, Lanzarote and Beach Road in Melbourne.

What is your proudest accomplishment thus far?

Being selected to ride for Fusion! It’s a big step in terms of learning race craft and proving myself to be a key member of the team.

Do you have any pre-race routines or lucky charms?

I have a specific base layer I like to wear for races.

What is the race you would most love to compete in and why?

Short term goal would be the Ras. A tough, gritty stage race. Ultimate goal would be Tour Down Under. The atmosphere looks immense and it’s in Australia so good weather and coffee is always a bonus!

What is your favourite music to listen to?

I listen to pretty much everything and like finding new music but I’m a big fan of The 1975, Zak Abel and Beyonce…I have an ongoing playlist that I add whatever I’m enjoying at the moment to

What do you like to do when you have time at home that is not cycling?

I’m studying History of Art at the University of Birmingham so have to dedicate a fair amount of my time to that. I’d like to think I’m a decent chef too so enjoy cooking for my mates at Uni.