What is the first memory you have of riding a bike?

My mum and dad had a travelling friend called Chris. He would bike from one end of the country to the other, sleeping in hedgerows. He stayed at our cottage in Wales for a few months when I was 4-5yrs old, and taught me to ride my bike down the track. I remember been so pleased that he spent the time to teach me as I think I was slightly in awe of the man who lived out of a rucksack!

How did you get involved in cycling?

My Dad had a bike and so I was inspired by his adventures, and did a lot of bike touring in UK and Europe in my early twenties and big solo rides.  It wasn’t until I was pregnant at 27 years old with my son that I realised that you can dream or you can make the dream become reality. I joined the local bike club and it went from there.

What was your first race and how did it go?

I like to say my first race was the Great Orme Road Race 2015, 5th place and finishing in the bunch, however, really it was a race earlier that year that I went to with a temporary licence, I was off the back after the first lap and drove home feeling annoyed with myself!   I went away and consistently rode for the next few months, and then did the Great Orme RR, it was the biggest buzz to be in the peloton, feeling strong.

Why do you race?

I have the instinct to race and compete and be the best that I can be within that moment.   As soon as a race is over though I just want to get home to a fire and read my book.

Where is your favourite place to ride?

Wales in the mountains, where I live. I am so lucky to have all of the classic Welsh climbs on my doorstep, and endless networks of roads and green roads with hardly a car in sight.  In 2016 I wen to the Gran Canary in January, I stayed in a remote hostel and I was blown away with the alpine-like climbing and mountains.

What is your proudest accomplishment thus far?

It would have to be been accepted to ride for Fusion RT!   My dream to ride for a team competing at the highest level in Britain. It has been 3 years of hard work, lots of hours spent juggling work, having a son, and biking, and say no to a lot of social events!

Do you have any pre-race routines or lucky charms?

No – it’s mis-guided in my head.    It is all of the months of preparation physical and mental that will bring a result on the day. Then the main thing is to have a plan. So, all you can do is get enough sleep, eat well, be relaxed and have fun!

What is your ambition for 2019?

To prove my worth to my team!   It is hard to say what races to target etc.  I love the Capernwray race in the early season, it has a bit of everything as a course and feels like a little classic.

What is the race you would most love to compete in and why?

Tour of the Reservoir,  Isle of Man.   I love to compete in classic, hilly, brutal races, in northern parts of the the UK.

What is your favourite music to listen to?

Anything and everything!   Recently a group called Avener and an album called ‘Wanderings of the Avener’, takes me back to a lovely summer.

What do you like to do when you have time at home that is not cycling?

Be with my son and Collie dog, Dotty at my cottage in Wales.   Pottering around the fields and woods with them both, taking my son to the climbing wall and biking, running up local mountains, and recently some outdoor trad climbing, and my coach and friend is giving me an intro into paddle-boarding this winter!  

Rebecca Richardson

Nationality: British
Member of team since:
  Hill Climber

Coach: Liam Holohan ‘Holohan Coaching’
S-Works Tarmac Dura-ace 2017,  Giant Trinity TT
Career Highlights:  Welsh Road Race 2018 – 2nd; Welsh Hill Climb Champion 2018; Welsh 12hour champion 2018.